team & contact

descent-danse is regularly collaborating with:
Laurence Rondoni  artistic direction, dancer and choreografer
Mohamed Shafik  choreografer, sound designer and poetry, scenografer 
Sandrine Maisonneuve dancer and choreografer
Claudio Ioanna dancer and choreografer
Silvia Di Rienzo dancer, choreografer, and ashtangan Yoga practicioner
Gaspard Guilbert dancer, choreografer, performer, sound designer et poetry
Ahmed Al Sayed  visual artist, performer 
Saad Samir  light and space designer
Marie-Claude Farel dancer, choreografer and Feldenkreis practicioner
Krystel Khoury light designer,  dance antropologist 
Jean-Jacques Palix sound, visual and contemporary artist
Eve Couturier sound artist and poet
François Blet light designer and technical director
Blandine Delcroix  administrator of production, writer and film documentary maker, 

and with the CCDWP:
Shaymaa Shoukry dancer and choreografer, visual artist
Mounir Said dancer and choreografer
Salah El Brogy dancer and choreografer
Mona Gamidancer, visual artist and poet
Maha El Marraghi dancer, choreografer, and writer
Aly Khamees dancer, actor, choreografer, cameraman
Mahmoud Rabiey dancer and choreografer
Ahmed Ezz dancer and choreografer
Ezzat Ismail dancer and choreografer and architect
Samar Ezzat dancer and spanish interpreter
Mohamed Fouad dancer and choreografer
Mohamed Hamdi dancer, choreografer, and children psychologist
Nadine Emile dancer and theater director and radio animator for culture
Sherine Hegazy dancer and actress
Hossam Abd El Hameed dancer and choreografer 
Rafaat El Bauomy dancer, actor, choreografer
Yahya Mekkawi graphic and web designer
Ahmed El Gendy dancer, perfomer, visual  and contemporay artist, graphic designer 

and with the following directors for the CCDWP:
Daniel Larrieu  dancer and choreografer
Alain Buffard dancer and choreografer
Benoit Lachambre dancer and choreografer
Germana Civera dancer and choreografer
Tomeo Verges dancer and choreografer
Michel Kéléménis dancer and choreografer
Jean Gaudin dancer and choreografer
and has collaborated with:
Willem Meul dancer and choreografer
Marielle Elis dancer 
Mohamed Abou El Khier opera singer and director
Hany Adel composer, singer, musician and actor
Mahmoud Refat composer, electronic musician and producer
Ibrahim El Haddad composer, musician
Hussein Samy  sound ingenior
Chloé Hernandez dancer and choreografer
Orin Camus dancer and choreografer
Felix Perdreau sound ingenior
Aude Clément administrator of production
Maëlle Grange administrator of production
Thomas Jeker musician and composer
Christophe Piederrière administrator of production
Christophe Poux technical director

association ( loi 1901)
adresse siège 
50, rue de Meneau 
02200 Soissons  
N° Siret 443 426 002 000 53 -APE 9001Z
Licence 2-134858 
TVA intercommunautaire FR36443426002

Board - CA
Jean-Luc Meslet President
Gérard Hardy Trésorier

Roselyne Burger Cultural operator
Thierry Lefébure Photografer and tennis trainer
Christelle De Bianchi:  French professor